Local Lure Company Angling for Big Bites

Growing up on Douglas Lake, angler and business owner, Hobie Rice knows a thing or two about fishing lures.    The sport of angling is about so many variables- skill, equipment, fish, and weather.

A lure is as essential as the bait for fish. The first lures were brought to this country by the English settlers.  The lure replaced live bait by mimicking the  “action” of live bait, whether the lure mimics a deep dive, zig-zags, or floats near the surface.  There are dozens of types  and colors of lures to choose from.

At Ledge Hog Fishing Supply in Dandridge, TN, they have reengineered the blade lure for fishing a multiple depths. This is a lure that is popular with professional anglers for its ability to attract trophy size fish.

In May, Cocke County Tourism and Brad Wiegmann from the Fishing Guide Podcast had an opportunity to sit down with Hobie and talk about Douglas Lake fishing and other attractions in Cocke County.  Listen in and get a few “tips” on fishing for the big bite.

If you are heading to Douglas Lake for a fishing trip, stop by Bucks an’ Bass to pick up a Ledge Hog lure.   Find a place to stay here.



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