Play it Safe on the Waters

The Adventure Side of the Smokies is a veritable outdoor waterpark for paddlers, float trips, kayak fishing, and swimming, all surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful mountains and forests in the southeast.

During this week of National Water Safety,  we want to remind you to play it safe on our waters.  Each of the rivers offers a different experience, but also different risks.

The Pigeon River is known for its exhilarating whitewater, but the inherent danger comes from the rapids and  the rocks.

In the spring, the French Broad can vary in depth and current from rains and extreme weather. Popular for float fishing and backpack paddling, the level of the river and weather conditions are your best guides before entering the river.

The Nolichucky can also vary in water flow and depth. Flooding rains upriver, will create hazardous conditions downriver.

Never enter the water without wearing a personal floatation device (PFD).   Even strong swimmers can get caught in a current on the rivers.   When the water is high, eddies can form from submerged rocks and trees.  Make sure the PFD is sized properly for both adults and for children.  PFDs can be purchased locally at most large box retailers in the area if you have forgotten to bring on.

Come play, but play it safe in and around our rivers and lake.

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